About ACM

About ACM Capital

Launched in 2008 during the heart of the global financial crisis, ACM Capital Partners was born of necessity: to lead middle-market companies through a period of distress and transition to stability and then growth. Today, companies again find themselves facing unprecedented challenges as the world makes its way through the chaotic economic effects of a global pandemic.

Enter ACM, led by internationally renowned restructuring executive James “Jim” Martin, who during his three decades as a turnaround expert has created and restored nearly $1.5 billion in value to companies around the world. Jim created ACM with the goal of scaling his expertise via a roster of fully committed industry leaders who themselves had run companies. And it worked: ACM today has led more than 200 companies to greater prosperity.

“I wanted operators like myself — people who have been in the trenches, who have spent sleepless nights figuring out how to meet payroll. People who know what it’s like to work around the clock to keep the company doors open. I didn’t want consultants who punched the clock twice a day, and checked out nights and weekends. I wanted people who take the predicaments of our clients personally, and who know what it takes to survive and then thrive.”


Since 2008, the ACM roster of financial, operational and transactional leaders has done just that for $10M-$100M clientele across America and overseas: family offices, private equity funds, debt funds, banks and secondary lenders; in manufacturing, service industries, construction, aviation and consumer goods; with solutions that range from C-suite leadership and corporate strategic alignment, to beckoning bankruptcy and balance-sheet restructuring, to mergers and acquisitions.

At ACM, we aren’t “vendors.” We are committed partners, providing proven expertise, coupled with access to capital when needed, to advance bottom lines and enhance value. We work with clients facing long-term financial challenges, as well as those seeking to reach and surpass big goals. And we’re confident we can help you — so much so that our fees are tied directly to your results.




We’ve been there. We are there. Let’s get you where you need to be.

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