Financial Advisory

ACM has the capabilities to help clients across various industries and includes:

  • Balance sheet recapitalizations
  • Debt and equity raises
  • Distressed M&A advisory
  • Financial and operational due diligence
  • M&A advisory
  • Sale lease back transactions
  • Sell-side advisory
  • Senior and subordinated debt restructuring
  • Valuation services


ACM professionals have the ability to assume full responsibility of experienced senior executive positions, including chief executive officer, chief restructuring officer, chief operating officer or chief financial officer. Our executive practice team can help in the following capacities:

  • Improve operations and performance
  • Manage outsourced resources
  • Provide leadership and initiate rapid change
  • Redesign business models
  • Stabilize operations and finances


ACM’s experienced operational team will provide the expertise, methodology and support to pinpoint and quantify areas preventing each business from reaching its true potential. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify, plan, implement and integrate change that will create sustained value. ACM will also work diligently to transfer our methods and tools to give clients a new set of lenses through which they may continually assess and enhance performance. ACM professionals are able to analyze the following for almost any client regardless of size and industry:

  • Customer service and quality issues
    • Includes sourcing, contract negotiations, communication,
      and management of vendor performance
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Pricing models
  • Process reengineering
  • Production scheduling
  • Procurement inventory control and management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales process and distribution channels
  • Safety maintenance
  • Supply chain management


Whether the plan is for growth or downsizing, ACM has the expertise to assist in the development or re-alignment of corporate strategy. ACM’s “outside- in” approach focuses on the industry in which a company competes to assess the threats and opportunities that are present. ACM professionals will work alongside management to ascertain the company’s competitive advantage within their industry. ACM will also work with management to ensure that the company’s strategy is properly aligned throughout the organization and that the strategy fits the competitive advantage. This enhances the alignment of stakeholders’ interests – which leads, ultimately, to the creation of shareholder value.


ACM professionals have worked with nationally recognized turnaround firms and bring extensive experience working with the spectrum of constituents in the corporate recovery arena: including advising equity investors, individual lenders (in various tranches), large syndicated bank groups, and subordinated or unsecured debt holders (including bondholders and indenture trustees) in complex workouts. Our turnaround and restructuring capabilities include the following :

  • Asset divestiture
  • Cash management
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Bank negotiations
  • Design and execute a restructuring plan
  • Vendor negotiations


ACM professionals have the qualifications, training and experience to advise the many constituencies involved in a bankruptcy filing. With our deep bankruptcy knowledge and hands-on experience, we are well positioned to advise both debtors or creditors in a bankruptcy filing. Our proven success involves aligning the interests of all stakeholders, which in turn expedites the emergence from bankruptcy and ultimately preserves or restores enterprise value. ACM has the experience to assist clients across all bankruptcy disciplines including:

  • Bankruptcy filing preparation
  • Bankruptcy reporting
  • Chief restructuring officer
  • Coordination and execution of §363 sale processes
  • Creditor committee advisory services
  • Debtor advisory services
  • Evaluating executory contracts
  • Forensic accounting
  • Plan of reorganization development
  • Preference and fraudulent transfer analysis
  • Schedules and statements of financial affairs
  • Secured lender advisory services


ACM’s personnel will exercise their court appointed authority to undertake all actions that they deem necessary or appropriate to successfully manage the target’s business, to preserve and maximize the value of the target’s assets, and to market and sell the target’s business as a going concern and/or sell or otherwise liquidate the target’s assets, including all assets of the target that are subject to a lien in favor of its creditors in one or more sales.


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