Welcome to the August issue of ACM Capital Partners’ Value Line newsletter. In this issue, you will read about ACM’s rankings in Inc.5000, the completion of a successful venture with REMETRONIX and ACM’s work with a local agricultural company.


“For 32 years, Inc. has welcomed the fastest-growing private companies in America into a very exclusive club. Make no mistake: The Inc. 5000 was harder to get into this year than ever in its history,” said Eric Schurenberg, Editor in Chief. As an Inc. 5000 honoree, ACM Capital Partners now shares a pedigree with Zappos, Microsoft, Timberland and dozens of other notable recent alumni. ACM accomplished just that and we are proud!


ACM has the ability to support companies at any stage in the business cycle – early stage, growth, decline or distressed.

In September 2012, ACM was contacted by an agricultural company that historically had achieved steady profit margins. However, through a series of unforeseen events, they had experienced an erosion of their profit margins by 50%. The company needed to quickly identify the root causes and reverse this adverse trend.

ACM was initially engaged on a short term advisory role to help identify and implement the changes required to stabilize and grow profit margins. Within a few months, and as a result of immediate results, the client requested that ACM continue assisting indefinitely, shifting from advisor to interim CEO.

Serving as the CEO, ACM modified the company’s strategy and implemented a series of changes that produced significant results, which included:

– Increased revenue by 22%

– Increased EBITDA by 260%

– Created a 53% increase in shareholder value

“This is another example of how we work with our clients to deliver value beyond original expectations. This was a company not in distress but needed expedient support in order to get back on track,” said Mark DeLeo, Managing Director of ACM. “The exciting thing is we will continue working side by side with this client delivering double digit increases to top and bottom line, thus taking the company to levels beyond their dreams.”


ACM was asked to perform an assessment at REMETRONIX, a 20 year old international firm that provides delivery and installation of medical diagnostic imaging equipment, and provides Disaster Recovery services. ACM earned the trust of the company and was asked to lead the implementation of six quantifiable and actionable initiatives to deliver improved results.

During implementation, the ACM team focused on operational improvement, P&L and balance sheet enhancement and positioned the company for robust growth. “The work done by ACM, known as Project 1750, provides a cultural transformation for the business. I love change and to see us change people, procedures, process, offices and company bottom line is just wonderful. I’m excited about the prospects for the future of the company and its people,” said REMETRONIX CEO Russ Knowles.

In just three months, the company is poised for growth in the 30% range over the next 12 months. Given the Operational Improvement and new cost structure, REMETRONIX now enjoys a solid foundation for growth and a substantial increase in shareholder value. “This is the greatest example of how we deliver value in a very quick fashion,” said Jim Martin, ACM’s Managing Partner. “We are pleased with the outcome for our client.”

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